Update on Rebuilding Flood hit Kerala and Kodagu

we all have joined hands during the flood relief recently and done a highly rewarding help for our fellow beings. We have also supported multiple cases all across Kerala and Kodagu by now, to come back from the blow. In Kodagu, construction of 3 houses and repairing of 1 house started in the last month. We are joining hands with People's Foundation in Kerala who have got the approvals of the Kerala Govt for their rehabilitation and rebuilding projects some of which have already begun... People's Foundation has called for our support from Bangalore for the rehabilitation project in Chakkittappara, Calicut which is also one of the worst affected locations due to multiple landslides. The launch event is happening on Saturday, 16th Feb. We would like to invite you to join for the program and extend your continued support. May Allah bless all of us and save us from such hardships in the future. Team HWA