Based on the nature of assistance offered to eligible applicants, the HWA’s services have been categorized under the following heads of expense:

  • Monthly Pension/Ration
  • Medical Assistance
  • Educational Assistance
  • Housing Aid
  • Self Employment
  • Debt Settlement
  • General Welfare Projects

The HWA Departments

To assist with the tremendous workload at HWA, several departments have been created and assigned under respective functionaries. According to the category of work being carried out these departments are categorized as follows:

  • Revenue Generation: This department is primarily responsible for generating funds in the form of donations from all interested individuals and organizations, as well as from the monthly/annual Zakath and Sadaqah collections
  • Accounts & Documentation: This department deals with all accounting and documentation requirements of the HWA. It arranges for regular monthly/ annual auditing of funds received/ disbursed and for documenting all applications received and action taken with respect to each.
  • Verification & Distribution: This department is responsible for verification/ authentication of data received through application forms and for overseeing aid distribution to eligible applicants.
  • NGO etworking: This department plays its role in networking the HWA with other socio-welfare organizations with a view to pooling resources to meet the needs of the poor and the needy.
  • Self Employment Generation: This department strives to empower deserving applicants by way of providing them with instruments of self employment like push-carts, sewing machines etc and also by purchasing and providing them with the initial business stock/ capital to get such self employment ventures started off in a smooth manner. The department is also responsible for regular follow up of each case to constantly review feasibility and sustainability of each venture.
  • Government Welfare Programmes/ Schemes Facilitation: This department acts as a liaison between the state/central governments’ minority welfare projects wing and the deserving applicants who are unaware of such government projects which can be successfully tapped in their favour.
  • Media and Public Relations: This department actively involves itself with the public relations requirements of the HWA by regularly bringing the stories of deserving applicants to public light by getting these published in the local dailies and periodicals. The department also issues occasional advertisements of the HWA in local periodicals in public interest.

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