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Hira Welfare Association (HWA), established in 2005, is the Welfare Wing of the registered NGO Hira Foundation Trust. HWA is the collaborative grouping of like-minded socially-engaged individuals centred in Bangalore.

Our mission is to eradicate poverty, to ensure food, shelter and other basic amenities, to empower the under-privileged and to aid people in distress. The targeted beneficiaries mostly include the economically-challenged and often, differentially-abled people, who eke out a living on a low-income or even no-income livelihood.

Our vision is to establish social justice on earth, by lending a helping hand to uplift the less fortunate ones, with the love and support of the kind-hearted souls, who consider the Lord’s blessings as a great opportunity to help their peers.

Our key strategy is to empower the people in need with potential value-add skills so that they become financially secured in the long run and thus become capable of uplifting their dear and near ones. Since its inception in 2005, HWA has been continuously striving to empower people in need and in distress, through various means. From providing monthly rations and pensions, medical assistance, educational assistance, housing aids, self-employments, debt settlements to general welfare projects and disaster management projects, Team HWA has taken it all with a smile.

Our team of dedicated and trustworthy volunteers, who strive hard day and night, on ground and off ground; and the kind- hearted donors/sponsors and well-wishers who pour in their love and support generously for the cause of their peers are our key strengths. We look forward for your love, support and prayers, in our mission to bring more smiles to this world.



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