The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the path of the Almighty God is as the likeness of a grain which groweth seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. He giveth increase manifold to whom He will. The Almighty God is All-Embracing, All-Knowing. The Qur’an (2:261)

Bangalore, often touted as the IT hub of India, is, nevertheless, not without its slums and alleyways that are inhabited by those living in degrading conditions of poverty. These people-irrespective of their caste or creed-ought to be the rightful beneficiaries of Zakath from the wealth of the many well-to-do Muslims of the city. People with no shelter to accommodate themselves in, with no provision for even two square meals a day, with none to finance their children’s basic education and with neither facilities nor funds to treat their urgent medical condition – all have, more or less, benefited from the efforts of the Hira Welfare Association (HWA) since its inception in 2005.

The Hira Welfare Association (HWA), which is a grouping of like-minded socially-engaged individuals centred in Bangalore, works with the prime focus on poverty alleviation and upliftment of the underprivileged people. Most, if not all, of these targeted beneficiaries imply the economically-challenged and often, physically-challenged groups that eke out a living on a low-income or even a no-income livelihood.


  As I want to work for the betterment of people and I found HWA as one of the best organization which work for society  

  Being a human is of no use if one cannot do something for upliftment of the society. HWA provided me the platform for this dream of mine.  

  The Happiness which I see on people face due my little effort give me imminence pleasure and satisfaction  


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